La Marzocco Swift EPS

La Marzocco Swift EPS is the world's only Espresso Preparation System; it grinds, doses and tamps directly into the portafilter at the touch of a button. Designed by La Marzocco to reduce training time and coffee waste, Swift EPS works exclusively with La Marzocco Espresso Machines and fits La Marzocco's exacting standards.

What Makes the La Marzocco Swift EPS Unique?

  • One-step Dosing, Grinding, and Tamping. By engaging the portafilter and pressing one button, the grinder measures, doses, and tamps a double shot in about six seconds. This ensures consistency, cuts down on waste, improves quality, and increases throughput.

  • One Step Adjustments. Adjusting the grind is possible with the turn of a knob and allows for greater control as the barista can vary the pour speed in response to fluctuations in conditions, including changes in barometric pressure.

  • Dual Hoppers and Grinders. Featuring two separate grinder heads in a single machine allows the barista to choose between different roasts, or between decaf and regular, without switching grinders.

  • State-of-the-art Ceramic Burrs. Instead of the typical steel grinder burrs, ceramic burrs are used and outlast their steel counterparts three to one.

  • Comprehensive Owners Manual. Each customer receives an illustrated manual that provides all machine details. This allows end users to fully understand and optimally utilize their Swift.

  • Standard or Customized Colors. The grinders are available in Red or Black, or customers can opt for a custom color to match their other equipment and decor.

  • NSF, UL Approvals. Saving you time during the inspection process, all necessary documentation and certification required to operate the machine is provided up front.

MSRP: $5200.00

Our Price: Call for Pricing

HEIGHT (x): 65cm/25"
DEPTH (y): 36cm/14"
WIDTH (z): 36cm/14"
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 40.8kg/75lbs.
AMPERAGE: 15 amps
HOPPER CAPACITIES: 1.8kg/4lbs. each

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