Franke Espresso Machine - Evolution

Why should you choose a Franke Evolution Espresso Machine? Easy!

  • Anyone can make great espresso with the Franke Evolution - regardless of training level or expertise.

  • Franke Evolution is backed by an extensive warranty and nationwide service network.

  • Franke superautomatic espresso machines feature built-in hassle-free software. Insert your programming card as needed to adjust grind, coffee or water volume, and milk temperature instantly.

  • Franke Evolution comes with two grinders, giving you on-the-spot choice between fresh-ground regular or decaffeinated coffee. Each shot is ground to order.

  • Save that precious crema along with production time! The Evolution has a height-adjustable (3" to 6.5") group head to fit a variety of cup sizes, eliminating the need for shot glasses and awkward coffee transfer.

Evolution 1-Step or 2-Step - how do you choose the right model?


  • The Evolution 1-Step, a fully automatic machine that virtually eliminates barista error, makes cappuccinos and lattes at the touch of a button, with no need to measure out milk for each drink. The refrigeration unit feeds fresh, cold milk directly into the espresso machine on demand, and the milk-steaming wand is integrated with the dispenser system, allowing coffee and foamed milk to be dispensed simultaneously.

  • The Evolution 2-Step, our most popular model, extracts espresso at the touch of a button, and steams a pitcher of milk, also at one touch. With Autosteam™, when the milk reaches your chosen preset temperature, the steam shuts off, so there's no need to monitor temperature with a thermometer. The 2-Step is both less expensive and easier to clean.

The Swiss-engineered Franke Evolution to the U.S. market in 1998. In five short years, it has quelled entrenched reservations about superautomatic espresso machines, becoming one of the most popular models in the country. Its success is attributable to durability, consistency and industry-leading ability to generate maximum profit in a minimum amount of space.

The Evolution 2-Step is just 13" wide and 24" deep, yet it can comfortably average 250 drinks per day. Consider the average drink price for a cappuccino or caffe latte, and the sales potential is dazzling.

To consumers, however, taste is the bottom line. Franke Evolution delivers consistently delicious beverages - your customers will savor premium coffee drinks and notably improved espresso flavor and freshness, without long and specialized staff training.

We have been tracking performance and service records for hundreds of Franke Evolutions for over five years, at national, regional and local levels. The total cost of ownership, regardless of location, has been surprisingly low. Email Hooked On Espresso or call 1-303-439-0483 if you are interested in more details.

Franke Evolution Pricing:

MSRP (1 Step): $21320.00

Our Price (1 Step): Call for Pricing

MSRP (2 Step): $12900.00

Our Price (2 Step): Call for Pricing


Franke Evolution Specifications:

Height: 31 in. 31 in. 24 in.
Width: 13 in. 13 in. 10 in.
Depth: 24 in. 24 in. 24 in.
Shipping Wt.: 135 lbs 135 lbs 60 lbs
Boiler: 2.9 ltr steam 2.9 ltr steam -
Cup Height (adjustable): 3" - 6.5" 3" - 6.5" -
Voltage: 208 V 208 V 110 V
Wattage: 4800W 4400W 95W
Rated Amperage: 30 Amps 30 Amps 15 Amps

Franke Evolution espresso machines are UL approved to electrical safety and sanitation standards NSF 4.

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