Astoria Plus 4 You

Astoria Automatic Espresso Machine

Plus 4 You helps you save energy.
It is the first-born of the Green Line, a line of energy saving espresso machines by Astoria, which allows you to save up to 47.6% on energy and therefore on your electrical bill. Plus 4 You only carries power when and where it is specifically required.

The dedicated innovative software manages the automatic stand-by mode during non peak periods and at night, as well as the intelligent control of temperature settings.

You can program:

  • the standby mode during the nighttime
  • the possible night-time shutdown
  • self-learning function of daytime working routine

Plus 4 You grants you maximum quality in the cup and flexibility to adjust the machine according to the coffee blend. One Steam boiler + one separate water reservoir for each group: the boiler is dedicated exclusively to steam and hot water; the water reservoirs are dedicated exclusively to coffee. Plus 4 You fully satisfies the needsof the roaster and of the barista.

With Plus 4 You, you can regulate the temperature of each group independently. This maximum flexibility grants the best solution for each coffee blend (different roast profiles require specific extraction temperatures for the best result in the cup). Moreover, the digital control (on the group head and on the water reservoir) grants temperature precision and stability. The intelligent system compares the extractions of every espresso to those of an ideal coffee. If coffee extraction is not perfect, the barista receives instant detailed information on the coffee he has just prepared. Plus 4 You suggests via the display the appropriate corrective actions.

With Plus 4 You you can do good coffee in every sense. Plus 4 You is strongly committed to the Coffee Kids project which offers aid and funds for children from coffeeproducing countries of Latin America and their families.

Plus 4 You Pricing:

Model(s): SAE2 SAE3 SAE4
MSRP: $12800.00 $15400.00 $18400.00
Our Price: Call for Pricing Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

Plus 4 You Specifications:

Model(s): SAE 2 SAE 3 SAE 4
Steam Boiler Capacity: 8.45 qts 8.45 qts 13.75 qts
Group Boiler Capacity: 1.25 x 2 qts 1.25 x 3 qts 1.25 x 4 qts
Group Boiler Heating Element: 1.000 x 2 W 1.000 x 3 W 1.000 x 4 W
Group Heater: 150 x 2 W 150 x 3 W 150 x 4 W
Total Wattage: 4.400 W 5.600 W 7.100 W
Voltage: 220 V/50-60 Hz 220 V/50-60 Hz 220 V/50-60 Hz
Amps Rating: 18.2 Amps 24.9 Amps 31.6 Amps
Width: 31.5 in. 40.9 in. 50.4 in.
Depth: 22 in. 22 in. 22 in.
Height: 22.8 in. (w. 4" adjustable legs) 22.8 in. (w. 4" adjustable legs) 22.8 in. (w. 4" adjustable legs)
Cup Height (group head to drain tray): 7.5 in. 7.5 in. 7.5 in.
Net Wt.: 163 lbs 207 lbs 243lbs
Shipping Weight With Water Softener: 210 lbs 257 lbs 305 lbs

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